Athlete A Free Movie Full Length Documentary genre DVD9

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Athlete A Free Movie Full Length Documentary genre DVD9

user rating=8,1 / 10


stars=Steve Berta, Mark Alesia

Duration=1 H 43 Minutes

Directed by=Jon Shenk






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Difficult to watch
watching all these old clips of gymnastics on the Olympics and then listening to the ladies discuss their experiences, has changed my perspective. I’ll probably never ever watch another Olympics game at all the rest of my life; gymnastics especially.
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Watching this documentary was horrifying, but Netflix time and again has these documentaries that the powerful do not want us to see, like the story of Gabriel Hernandez a few months back. These stories need to be told, as uncomfortable as they are, so they don’t happen again.
I remember when this story made headlines because of Larry Nassar going to trial, and all the victims that courageously gave public statements before the sentencing. And even back then it was evident that Nassar was an inhuman monster, an animal even; but there were forces behind the curtains that allowed this animal to prey upon these young women for as long as he did.
If anyone ever questions why these girls “never spoke before” well they did, but they faced a large Corporation called USA Gymnastics, to whom preserving their image was much more important than preserving the innocence of hundreds of young girls.
And even know, two years after Nassar was convicted, this evil conglomerate is still covering its tracks, claiming innocence. That is what powerful conglomerates like USA Gymnastics and the Catholic Church do, they sacrifice young people in their altars of perversion and make their best effort to cover it up, because humanity is meaningless to them.
I am glad Nassar will never be free, but is abundantly clear that there are people that need to share his jail cell.

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